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Art can touch the Divine. For thousands of years artists have pointed us toward the “Transcendent Other” through marks, models, songs and symbols. I, too, have chased a glimpse of Divinity for much of my artistic career. Then 4 years ago something happened which split my world wide open—as a human and an artist. On October 25, 2019 my wife and our two young children were killed by a suicidal motorist. With this event, my relationship to spirituality became immediate and painfully visceral. I was forced to reckon with the biggest existential questions:

What happens when we die?
Why are we here in the first place?
Does free will exist or is everything predestined?

As a lifelong artist, I turned to painting to help me process this tragedy, creating several pieces honoring the life and passing of my family. Roughly one year after the crash, people began approaching me for painting commissions. These new clients had visions, dreams, pains and passions they were hoping I could translate into paint. By virtue of my personal loss, people felt that I could be a channel for their own deep life experiences. This marked a pivotal transition in my career as an artist, offering myself as a bridge between the unseen world and the seen. In doing this work recurring themes have arisen: birth and death, the joy of children, the guidance of ancestors, navigating illness, celebrating love, and everything in between...the stuff that makes us human. I am immensely grateful and humbled to do this work, which I create in a converted hay barn at the back of a vineyard. I am now married to my incredible partner, Jasmine, a beautifully intuitive healer, and we live in Santa Ynez, CA.

Please take a look at the examples below or, if interested in your own commissioned piece, kindly send me a note.


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