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A love story in a corridor in a forest.


Players: Chloe Ralston & Nat Slaughter  •  Shot in Vermont. Summer 2008.


Architecture dictates human behavior. As we permeate and inhabit architectural structures they direct our movement and action; informing our perceptions of form and space and inadvertently determining our thoughts, feelings and relationships with those around us. We are physically stacked upon and next to one another in 
partitions of a larger, unified structure. Separating ourselves with walls, floors and ceilings we seek some measure of isolation, though we are inextricably connected to those around us. Despite a lack of physical contact we engage with one another through the architecture that we inhabit. There is a network of wires, pipes, sounds, vibrations and energy constantly flowing through a building, allowing it to live and binding all those within. This network can act as a matrix through which we relate to those around us.


The building in which these characters live is old and its walls are thin. He is able to hear his neighbors' footsteps, voices and, most importantly, their water. The plumbing in their building moans. Water audibly runs through their shared walls, floors and ceilings, ceaselessly coursing through the building. The five apartments are cells in a unified organism with the plumbing serving as its circulatory system. Water is the blood and the energy that is shared by, and binds these five characters.


Shot in New York City, NY. Summer 2004.



Our Boy • Nat Slaughter

Above Girl • Raina Hamner

Below Girl • Renée Amber

Left Girl • Snejina Latev

Right Girl • Trilby Hamner


A progression of forty five vignettes. Seven characters are confined to two rooms for the span of an evening. At the onset of the evening, the seven characters engage in polite introductions and political banter. As the evening progresses, their forced environment leads to a deterioration of social proprieties: indulgence, unexplained bleeding, vomiting, sexual transgressions, and linguistic breakdown.


Shot in Providence, RI. Winter 2002.



Blake • Blake Williams 

Alaska • Mara Gleason

Bath • Ryle Eddings

Alyeska • Elva Bachmann

Doyle • Nat Slaughter

William • Aleks Garin

London • Todd Eddings

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